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For the past nine years, the conference has taken place at the same time as the HR trade fair Personal Swiss. Corresponding to its realignment, the conference has now been renamed: from now on, the Swiss eLearning Conference – mostly known as SeLC – is called the LEARNING INNOVATION Conference and, for the first time, takes place on April 17 and 18, 2018, in Halle 6 at the Messe Zürich, in close proximity to the Personal Swiss.

Since 2009, the SeLC has been the meeting point for experts from the fields of e-learning, knowledge management and human resources development, where innovations in learning are reflected and put into practice. Daniel Stoller-Schai, chairman of the conference’s program advisory board, explains that the term e-learning has been used for technology- and web-based learning in companies and organizations. However, in the meantime, any kind of learning is now completely or partially implemented with digital media. Stoller-Schai points out that hence, the ‘e’ before learning disappears and that now, it’s about implementing the new possibilities of digital learning in an innovative way. According to Stoller-Schai, this is the focus of the LEARNING INNOVATION Conference.

Combining the New and the Proven

Apart from the new name and the new location directly in the fair hall, there are two key changes to the conference concept: on the one hand, the topic range has broadened, on the other, the conference will be held in English only. Stoller-Schai notes that they will retain the symposium’s existing quality features. As the top conference in Switzerland, the LEARNING INNOVATION will continue to bring together leading figures from corporations, universities and organizations and offer knowledge and experience, which can instantly and concretely be realized. Innovative conference methods encounter a variety of possibilities for users and for providers to participate. In addition, the virtual conference, where the event is live-streamed, is still part of the program and offers the opportunity to participate from anywhere.

Further information is avaible under www.learning-innovation.ch.

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