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Programm 2020

Momentan stellen wir ein hochkarätiges Programm für die LEARNING INNOVATION 2020 zusammen, das Sie im Frühjahr 2020 auf dieser Seite finden können.

21. - 22.10.2020 Swisscom Brain Gym, Bern

    Agile Learning in Executive Education

    In this session we will share how the agile design and flexible implementation of a series of online leadership programs supports the development of executives through Agile Learning.
    The aim of the courses is to support executives in engaging with the latest business knowledge and connect with different learning partners such as a personal coach, learning groups and buddies.
    The agile design helps the learner to apply the learning directly to their daily work and be flexible when it comes to the knowledge transfer. Interacting with a personal coach aims to support the achievement of their individual learning objectives through personalized assignments.


    Silke Mischke


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