The Conference Agile Learning

Learning Concepts for Disruptive Times

We welcome you to the 9th LEARNING INNOVATION Conference where we will be focussing on “Agile Learning - Learning Concepts for Disruptive Times”. Exciting keynotes, interactive project presentations, innovative approaches and your contributions will add to the range of topics. What has long been written and talked about is now starting to manifest itself: more and more, organizations are becoming networks of people, resources and places. Workspaces are dissolving, being replaced by new space concepts. Once considered derogatory, the term collaboration has now become the epitome of hip. New technological approaches like the blockchain are redefining markets.

These changes can either be blended out or seen as a learning impulse. As Learning Professionals we must ask ourselves how we will handle these changes, what they mean for our professional self-concept and which are the right learning concepts in disruptive times.

Is e-learning all that is needed? If so, what should it look like and who already has some experience with it?

If the entire transfer of knowledge takes place online, how does that alter the learning experience at the workplace or when people meet in person?

s a counter-trend towards solid and practical, concrete learning concepts needed - without technology and electronic means of communication?

What are the answers digital learning providers have to offer and which products and services are we to expect in the future?

What do companies, organizations, schools, educational institutions and users need?

Answering this question is the aim of the LEARNING INNOVATION Conference 2018. The LEARNING INNOVATION Conference 2018 will be dealing with networked, digital learning in disruptives times. Learning concepts which have been tried and tested or are still in the laboratory will be introduced.