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Programm 2020

Momentan stellen wir ein hochkarätiges Programm für die LEARNING INNOVATION 2020 zusammen, das Sie im Frühjahr 2020 auf dieser Seite finden können.

Herbst 2020 Bern
  • Sebastian Frankenberger

    Dr. Sebastian Frankenberger

    SwissVBS AG

How Does Mobile Reinforcement Support Continuous Learning?

You will experience live, adaptive learning environments from companies like Allianz, Continental, GE, Starbucks and Helvetia. Furthermore, you will get a hands-on demonstration of targeted micro-learning units (Video, Flashcards, Mobile Quizzes) and a glimpse into Microsoft’s Power BI, a powerful analytics and visualization tool for learner competencies. SwissVBS presents the Brandon Hall Group multiple year, multiple Gold award-winning learning App, backed by science and shaped through more than 200 client conversations and project implementations over the past three years.


Dr. Sebastian Frankenberger


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