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Programm 2020

Momentan stellen wir ein hochkarätiges Programm für die LEARNING INNOVATION 2020 zusammen, das Sie im Frühjahr 2020 auf dieser Seite finden können.

21. - 22.10.2020 Swisscom Brain Gym, Bern
  • Pierre Dillenbourg

    Prof. Dr. Pierre Dillenbourg

    EPFL Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne

Expanding experience beyond reality.

A central concern in corporate training is that the training provided to employees actually leads to a increase of productivity and/or work satisfaction. An intrinsic feature of human cognition is indeed the difficulty to transfer to a context Y a skill that has been learned in context X. One solution is to train that skills across multiple contexts X1, X2, X3,… but this is time consuming. A second approach is to avoid transfer, i.e. to train employees in a context that is as similar as possible to the target context, but this does not fly if the same session employees brings together employees from very different departments of the company. A third approach that underlies our REALTO platform is to capture experience at the workplace through various means (pictures, videos, documents) and feed the training sessions with this authentic material. If the participants come from various departments, these various contexts will hence be present during the training sessions. REALTO looks hence more like a social network than like a learning management system. We recently went one step further: augmented reality enables your employees to explore contexts that they did not encounter in reality. We don’t only capture and exploit experience but we expand this experience beyond reality. My videos will make this smoky statement more concrete.


Prof. Dr. Pierre Dillenbourg

EPFL Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne

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