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Programm 2020

Momentan stellen wir ein hochkarätiges Programm für die LEARNING INNOVATION 2020 zusammen, das Sie im Frühjahr 2020 auf dieser Seite finden können.

21. - 22.10.2020 Swisscom Brain Gym, Bern

    A new way of learning on the job.

    80% of what adults learn is at work, not in school.

    Yet today, the independent, on-the-job learning process remains remarkably unsupported and unstructured. Moreover, both learning sciences and education industry have shown very little interest in improving individual learning on the job.

    Get More Brain wants to revolutionize adult learning by connecting teachers and learners via a free, specialized messenger app with fully integrated digital textbooks from the best publishers; thereby enabling instant support & training on the job, right when you need it.


    Thomas Gabathuler


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