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Keynotes 2020

Auch 2020 gibt es besondere Glanzpunkte im Programm der LEARNING INNOVATION Conference, die wir Ihnen hier präsentieren werden.

Die Keynotes der vergangenen Jahre finden Sie hier.

  • Melanie Kovacs

    Melanie Kovacs

    CEO & Founder

    Master 21 GmbH

Learn, unlearn and relearn

In our rapidly changing world, the only constant is change. The question is: how can individuals and organizations embrace and even thrive in this change? What do we need to learn? According to Alain Toffler the illiterate of the 21st century won’t be the ones who can not read or write, it will be the ones who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Consequently, at Master21 we believe that it’s more important to focus on how we teach, then on what. To teach not just skills and tools but the right mindset, we use the experiential learning approach. Participants try hands-on, fail, reflect and learn. Melanie will share her insights from creating transformative learning experiences for 350+ individuals and teams aiming to learn to code with Master21.


Melanie Kovacs

CEO & Founder

Master 21 GmbH

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