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Keynotes 2020

Auch 2020 gibt es besondere Glanzpunkte im Programm der LEARNING INNOVATION Conference, die wir Ihnen hier präsentieren werden.

Die Keynotes der vergangenen Jahre finden Sie hier.

  • Clark Elliott

    Clark Elliott

    Senior Consultant

    Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA)

Agile Work Environments 4.0 – A Menu of Learning Innovation Options

Organisational Ecosystems can empower all 4 generations with opportunities to optimise collaborative work, ensure hi-quality solo work and facilitate Learning Innovation. Discover Workplace Solutions that support Mentoring, boost Coaching, enable Informal Learning and encourage Continuous Learning. Daily options for Professional Development. Transformation is the new normal. Digital Transformation, Cultural Transformation, Workplace Transformation and New Ways of Working, NWoW, are all challenges for Decision Makers obliged to integrate these realities into a coherent enterprise ecosystem. Management methods are evolving, pyramidal hierarchies are getting flatter and silos are being broken in yet another transformational push towards agility, flexibility and more transversal collaboration, physically or virtually. Four generations with different realities of what work was, is or can be are being instructed to collaborate seamlessly with the right knowledge sources … across the floor or across the world.

Attendees will discover examples from recent projects that use NWoW and Flexible Work Environments in Human-Sensitive ways to yield win-win-win benefits and enhance the core components of Learning Innovation. Topics will include: Informal Knowledge Exchange, Casual Coaching, Mentoring, Self-Paced Learning without distractions, Casual Learning, Creativity Spaces, Knowledge Creation, Codifying new solutions and 2+2=yellow (Out-of-the-box-thinking).


Clark Elliott

Senior Consultant

Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA)

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