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Prof. Dr. Pierre Dillenbourg
Interview  | 

«Biggest Challenge: To be agile»

Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai:
Dear Pierre, in your opinion, what are the biggest challenges regarding "Future Skills“?

Prof. Dr. Pierre Dillenbourg:
To be agile: to detect readily new required skills and elaborate immediately an appropriate training action.

Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai:
What do I have to do as an individual employee in a company to maintain or expand my employability?

Prof. Dr. Pierre Dillenbourg:
Have a look at the catalog of courses offered by the EPFL Extension School.

Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai:
What are possible new job profiles that will play a role in the near future?

Prof. Dr. Pierre Dillenbourg:
We don’t really know, that’s the challenge!

Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai:
What form of learning do companies need to offer in order to remain competitive and attractive to employees?

Prof. Dr. Pierre Dillenbourg:
They should offer time for training, they are plenty of offers outside.

Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai:
What would you learn today if you were 20 again?

Prof. Dr. Pierre Dillenbourg:
Maths !


Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai
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