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21.10. - 22.10.2020 Swisscom Brain Gym Bern

    Building a Micro-Learning Solution by leveraging Tribal Knowledge

    Drug Development is complex, a long term endeavor, demanding, high risk and requires a very skilled and well prepared work force to deal with ambiguity, navigate through a changing competitive landscape of regulations, new scientific findings and embrace global cross-functional team efforts across time zones, cultures and regions. The submission of a new drug for approval by a Health Authority is a requires dedicated collaboration, resilience and scientific rigor and the ability to adjust to constantly changing circumstances. This is the world we will build our narrative around on learning innovation.
    So, how do you engage a very busy scientifically highly educated work force in a learning program that has the potential to change the way you build readiness to succeed in a high risk project? What strategy will make your program relevant, successful and agile in a way it can not only provide the right insights for your experts, but it also enables ongoing scaling of new knowledge to get the work done.
    In this session, we will share how we built and continue to build a new modularized, curated, highly relevant learning solution for a community of global cross-functional teams who drive a highly complex process from the definition of a strategy to implementation and approval from a governance body. You will get insights into a scalable, personalized, practical approach to enabling learning with global reach and hear about the many steps required to co-create a tailored solutio with the very people who drive these teams to success.


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