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Rückblende Programm 2018

Vortrag FR

Introduction General Chair

Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai, Management Advisory Board

Head Sales & Marketing, CREALOGIX Digital Learning

Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner, Co-Management Advisory Board

Speaker, Blogger and Professor for Customer Management,
Institute for Financial Services, Zug
Vortrag FR


The first day of the LEARNING INNOVATION Conference will take the form of a DesignSpace. The participants will work together on the topic of AGILE LEARNING. The first day will be moderated by Dr. Daniel Stoller-Schai and Prof. Dr. Nils Hafner. In addition, 4 exciting keynote speeches will highlight ...
Keynote FR

Future Work Experience –Insights from an Experiment aimed at Fostering a Learning Culture

How would we work if we were completely free to choose? How can individual autonomy and team collaboration be aligned in the best possible way? Do we need rules and guidelines to install new ways of working or are mutual respect and situational communication strong enough as mediators? That’s ...
Keynote FR

A How-To Manual for Face2Face teaching in and after the digital disruption

1. Face2Face teaching in and after the digital disruption is individual. So: Distrust every How-To Manuals. Make your Face2Face Teaching your individual Face2Face Teaching instead.

2. Minimize lecturer behavior. Because: Good teaching is as less “teachingness” as possible (a reminiscence to ...
Keynote FR

Teach each other, Learn from each other for tomorrow

The social learning marketplace is the AirBnB of corporate learning & development. It enables our 5000 employees to create, train and learn from and with each other. As L&D team, we enable the organization to do so through consulting and coaching on the needed skills. We have been operational for a ...
Keynote FR

Humanizing Digital Education

Born and raised in Switzerland, Dominic Liechti has spent the last decade leading innovative
schools and collaborating with edtech startups in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA. Most recently,
he has served as the Executive Director & President of Khan Lab School, a laboratory ...
Projectspace FR

Success through systematic failure – how to persist in a VUCA environment?​​

Rapid prototyping and agility are innovative methods to make systematic failure possible and even learn from it. For leaders and organizations it is important to enable systematic failure to succeed in a VUCA environment. Participants of this workshop will be sensitized for this important topic and ...
Projectspace FR

Agile L&D organizations: options & challenges

In a VUCA-World, internal learning services providers (e.g. L&D units / teams) are expected to operate in a more flexible and agile manner. Approaches to L&D governance that are currently discussed are holacracy and agile development teams, among many others. In this session, we will first learn ...
Projectspace FR

Agile Learning in Executive Education

In this session we will share how the agile design and flexible implementation of a series of online leadership programs supports the development of executives through Agile Learning.
The aim of the courses is to support executives in engaging with the latest business knowledge and connect with ...
Projectspace FR

The Helvetia Approach to Sales Training Reinforcement

Helvetia presents the development a Learning Reinforcement Plan (LRP) to prepare their Sales Team for the Insurance Agent „VBV“ exam. This solution consists of a mobile learning App that focuses on increasing learner engagement through a personalized learning experience, activating team learning ...
Projectspace FR

Teach each other, Learn from each other for tomorrow

The social learning marketplace is the AirBnB of corporate learning & development. It enables our 5000 employees to create, train and learn from and with each other. As L&D team, we enable the organization to do so through consulting and coaching on the needed skills. We have been operational for a ...
Projectspace FR

The Inno-Lab of the Migros Club School: the catalyst for customer-oriented, agile product development

For 70 years, the Migros Club School has been offering an inspiring, practical and application-oriented range of adult education for establishing, promoting and developing competencies in all stages of life. As Switzerland’s leading institution for education, the Migros Club School operates ...
Solutionspace FR

How Does Mobile Reinforcement Support Continuous Learning?

You will experience live, adaptive learning environments from companies like Allianz, Continental, GE, Starbucks and Helvetia. Furthermore, you will get a hands-on demonstration of targeted micro-learning units (Video, Flashcards, Mobile Quizzes) and a glimpse into Microsoft’s Power BI, a powerful ...
Projectspace FR

Building a Micro-Learning Solution by leveraging Tribal Knowledge

Drug Development is complex, a long term endeavor, demanding, high risk and requires a very skilled and well prepared work force to deal with ambiguity, navigate through a changing competitive landscape of regulations, new scientific findings and embrace global cross-functional team efforts across ...
The submission of a new drug for approval by a Health Authority is a requires dedicated collaboration, resilience and scientific rigor and the ability to adjust to constantly changing circumstances. This is the world we will build our narrative around on learning innovation.
So, how do you ...
Solutionspace FR

Digital Adoption & Enablement - Why traditional learning methods fail and what to do about it

The digital transformation requires employees to use more software products than ever before. It is nearly impossible to read all the manuals and watch all the videos it takes to understand every software and keep up with the constant updates. While traditional training methods and first-generation ...
Solutionspace FR

Performance Support demystified

Learning in the „Moment of Need“ explained using customer use cases

Performance Support concepts are abundantly available, but what does it mean to you and how is it achieved? This session seeks to explore different use cases to provide an insight into what challenges our customers have faced ...
Solutionspace FR

Swiss Learning Hub - the basis for agile learning scenarios in companies

The classical learning management systems are dead. Flexible and modular solutions for agile learning scenarios for companies are in demand. Learners need learning opportunities that fit adaptively to their learning needs and cover different learning situations. Formal learning is supplemented by ...
Keynote FR

The Human & the machine – A great couple of the future

More and more academic studies and practitioner reports claim that human work is increasingly being disrupted by information and communication technology (ICT) which will make a considerable share of jobs undertaken by humans susceptible to automation. Often these reports draw a picture of ‘machines ...

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